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Help for prisoners with rehabilitation and re-integration into our communities


Welcome! We believe there is hope for everyone - especially for those who lie in limbo with little expectation of the future. We aim to empower prisoners to make choices that will lead to a better quality of life.

Prisoners and ex-prisoners can click any of the links below for help:

Practical help

  Accommodation for families and singles (housing rentals)    
  Affordable services - haircuts, furniture, gardening, etc
  Budget services
  Employment help
  Food banks and food drop-in centres
  Activities for men and/ or women
  Transport assistance

Counselling & support


  Advocates for local community groups 
  Crisis contacts

  Prison Fellowship New Zealand (PFNZ) – prisoners’ reintegration
  Prisoners’ Aid & Rehabilitation Trust (PART)
  Refugee, migrants, and overseas social support providers


  Childrens holiday camps and programs
  Families, relationships, and grief counselling
  Family support agencies for caregivers with children
  Fathers support programmes
  Grandparants support (raising grandchildren)
  Parents of youth - assistance
  Young persons mentoring services
  Youth assistance (for ages 5-18)

Personal issues

  Anger management
  Alcohol and drug counselling
  Gambling counsellors and support groups
  Education/ learning support
  Sexual abuse help & interventions

Cultural/ Ethnic

  Maori whanau support services
  Pacific islanders support


  Health service providers
  Mental health service providers
  Mothers with cancer, pregnancy, self esteem, friendship
  Special needs (disabilities, ADHD, Autism, Asperges)


  Government agencies
  Christian social help providers
  Community, voluntary, and NGO help providers

music video - ahuru mowai

See the 'Âhuru Mõwai O Te Awakairangi' music video promoting a safe haven from violence in the Hutt Valley - by the trustee Trudy Stead.

She is in strong support of a safe environment for the children who are the
adults of tomorrow.

This community project features young people in dance & sports, White Ribbon Day shots, and scenic beauty.

Click the upper image to see it full size on Youtube.