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What is Prison Healing Works?

Prison Healing Works aims to assist people in prison with rehabilitation and those coming out of prison with re-integration into our communities.

It is founded on a belief that there is hope for everyone. Such hope is especially needed in prisons where men and women often lie in limbo and with little hope of a better future.

Our desire is to set prisoners free from internal oppression by meeting their spiritual, mental and emotional needs. Prisoners can be empowered to make choices that will provide them with a better quality of life.

The project also seeks to support prison chaplains in their mission, and work alongside other prison ministries. The ongoing direction of the project is dependent on the guidance and support of prisoners, post-prisoners, prison chaplains and the New Zealand Department of Corrections.

How can I help?

The Prison Healing Works Trust was incorporated under the Charitable Trusts Act 1957 on May 12, 2004. You can contribute to its ongoing support through prayer, buying the CD (all sales royalties will further the project - see CDs page), or make general donations into the account "Prison Healing Works" at any Westpac Bank in New Zealand.

Future Developments

We intend this website to provide contacts, networks and resources for prisoners who have been released, prison chaplains, and the wider community to see what is happening, and see how they can help. Initially website referrals will be available for the Wellington region.
Prisoners and post-prisoners' needs can include:

  • How to involve the Heavenly Father more in their lives;
  • Guidance in problem areas, eg management of anger; communications skills; parenting skills;
  • Searching for cultural identity eg whakapapa;
  • Furthering education;
  • Everyday basics like food, clothing, furniture and/ or accommodation.

This website is under development. Keep coming back to it. More information will be uploaded as it comes to hand.


How did it develop?

Prison Healing Works is the vision of Lower Hutt musician and lay Catholic Trudy Stead, and represents the outcome of five years volunteer prison ministry coupled with song-writing based around that ministry.

Says Trudy: I became involved in prison ministry in 1999 when an elderly woman approached me after hearing me singing in the church music group one Sunday.

" How would you like to come up to Rimutaka Prison with me love, and do some ministry work. I think that you might like it," said the woman, Maisie Jackson.
I hesitated at first but then considered that these men could be my father, brother, or my own son, and I accepted the challenge graciously.

Since then, I have worked in volunteer prison ministry in Rimutaka Prison, Wellington Men's Prison, Arohata Women's Prison, and Hawkes Bay Regional Prison, alongside prison chaplains, and through the International Catholic Programme of Evangelisation.

I made the decision to use all of my God-given talents to further the teachings of Jesus Christ. These include performing and writing musical compositions; the ability to actively listen to my fellow men and women; the ability to apply action to compassion; and the ability to articulate as an advocate for and to empower those who are less fortunate than myself.

An important component of Prison Healing Works is the music ministry, both directly with inmates, and now through a CD of music I have written over the years working in prisons:

I wrote my first song, "The Herb", in 1997. It likens Marijuana to a man or woman with fatal attraction and relates the pull of drugs and drug-related crime: ". .. the lamb was recruited, morally slaughtered, another link in the chain, the herb courted". It also offers hope: "Open your eyes, the Saviour, you can find".

However, it was during my first year of prison ministry that I developed a deeper relationship with our Heavenly Father and was able to respond positively to inmates' spiritual and internal needs.

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