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Trudy Stead, co-founder of Prison Healing Works, likes to encourage and inspire people with her music - both prisoners and the wider community, and to help others identify with prisoners. Trudy has been a musician for many years now, both singing and playing guitar.   


Debut CD - Rimutaka Prison Blues/ 'Set the Captives Free'

This CD has been inspired over several years of working in prisons - since she began in 1997. The CD has a rhythm & blues feel but has a range of styles including country rock, samba, and ballads.

All sales royalties help Prison Healing Works.

Find out more about this CD... including an audio sample, music videos, and lyrics.





Community music video - 'Âhuru Mõwai O Te Awakairangi'

'The inspiration of 'Âhuru Mõwai O Te Awakairangi' was to promote a safe haven (from violence) in the Hutt Valley - featuring young people in dance & sports, White Ribbon Day shots, and scenic beauty...


Latest song

'Regular Prison Ministry' came out of Trudy's motivational experience at Tennessee Women's prison and inspirational time at Sunset Boulevard Studios. (read more about the experiences).


Foundational Song

We owe everything to the Heavenly Father. The Trust is founded on His love.
Trudy says: "I am who I am because of his loving direction, the skills he gave me, and a family whom I love".
The first music video we produced celebrates all this...


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